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Hey there, and welcome to my corner of the world. It's not very exciting - mostly you'll just be able to find an archive of the fiction I'm working on as I'm uploading it. I only started working on this some time in 2010, so although this is not everything, I'll be slowly updating the database from then to present-day.

Most things here will be available to download in PDF (rather than being posted straight to the site) for you to enjoy at your own amusement. Once I get my act together, that is! What with the popularisation of e-readers and the like recently, I just thought it might be a nice place for you guys to grab whatever takes your fancy. When I get around to it, quite a lot of stuff will also be available to download in audio, too, either as mp3s or as the ipod's m4b format. The quality will be second rate, I'm afraid, as all I have are a crummy laptop microphone (which picks up noise like you wouldn't believe).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay and, more importantly, my writing (:

~Roxie H.